Annual Flower Border Seed Collection


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Annuals flower throughout the summer and will create an eye-catching display in a sunny border, bring colour to your patios or brighten up a dull corner. To help you make the most of your borders or containers, we have grouped together varieties by height. In this collection you will receive the following varieties – Cosmos ‘Brightness’ (100 seeds)Antirrhinum ‘Reminiscent Mixed’ F1 Hybrid (50 seeds)Californian Poppy ‘Jelly Beans’ (125 seeds) Marigold ‘Vanilla Cream’ (50 seeds)Zinna ‘Zahara Mixed’ (15 seeds)Calendula ‘Neon’ (100 seeds)Wild Poppy ‘Flanders’ (2000 seeds)Rudbeckia ‘All Sorts Mixed’ (170 seeds)Cerinthe ‘Major Purpurascens’ (10 seeds)Dahlia ‘Bishops Children’ (50 seeds)Nicotiana sylvestris (2000 seeds)Cosmos ‘All sorts mixed’ (100 seeds)Nasturtium ‘Jewel of Africa’ (25 seeds)Sweet Pea ‘Fragrantissima’ (35 seeds)Ammi ‘Graceland’ (100 seeds)