Onion Mixed Red,White & Brown (Spring/Autumn Planting)


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Spring planting. Heat treatedThis popular mix of 3 favourite varieties is perfect for gardeners with limited space, who want to grow a range of onion colours to suit their culinary needs. These varieties have been heat treated to reduce bolting risk on planting, which occurs particularly in red varieties. Height: 45cm (18). Spread: 15cm (6). Collection comprises 3 easily identifiable colours: Onion ‘Red Baron’ (red) – Firm, flattish-round bulbs of a beautiful dark red colour with eye-catching red rimmed flesh. Onion ‘Snowball’ (white) – Attractive deep round bulbs with white skins and flesh, and a delicate, mild flavour. Onion ‘ABS 101’ (brown) – A particularly early variety from spring planting.