Trixi® ‘Riverside’


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Here’s the very latest in hassle-free gardening; the ‘Trixi&reg: Riverside’. Each young plant is effectively 3 plugs pre-planted into one plant! All you have to do is plant it straight into your hanging baskets or patio pots. Just one 3 in 1 jumbo plug will create a fabulous display in a 1-3 litre container, whilst 3 jumbo plugs will turn a 14in basket into a huge ball of colour. Plants are ready mixed and colour coordinated, so they will quickly mingle together right from the start to give you beautifully balanced and colourful displays. It’s so easy! Take your pick from 6 wonderful colour combinations – why not choose a couple for contrast? Don’t forget to send us a photo of your Trixi&reg:tubs and baskets once they’re in flower!