Vegetable Seed Collection


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This good value collection of vegetable seeds is a great starting point for new gardeners wishing to grow their own food. It also makes for an interesting expansion to pre-existing vegetable gardens. The Vegetable Seed Collection includes 40 Runner Bean ‘Snowstorm’ seeds, which produce edible, green beans after attractive, white flowers. Knowledgeable, green-fingered growers might be familiar with the ever-popular Runner Bean ‘Moonlight’. While ‘Snowstorm’ offers the same delicious taste as this crop, it also boasts larger pods and a higher rate of self-pollination. It is therefore an even more productive option than the better-known plant. Height: 3m (10′). Spread: 30m (1′). The collection also offers a generous 1,000 Rocked ‘Wildfire’ seeds. This slow-bolting salad plant has been bred in Britain to produce large, upright, serrated leaves with a hot, tangy flavour. If you want your culinary creations to pack a peppery punch, this is definitely the crop for you. Rocket ‘Wildflower’ can be grown in the kitchen throughout the year for maximum convenience, provided it gets plenty of light. During the summer months, it will also flourish in vegetable gardens or patio containers. Height: 15cm (6). Spread: 15cm (6). Finally, the Vegetable Seed Collection includes 200 Beetroot ‘Wodan’ seeds. This vegetable can be cooked, eaten or pickled as baby beet. Alternatively, its rounded, red roots can be left to grow in your vegetable patch, as they will not go woody over time. Even the plant’s leaves have a culinary use, for they make a great alternative to spinach in salads or pasta dishes. Height: 30cm (1′). Spread: 15cm (6′). This collection includes 40 Runner Bean ‘Snowstorm’ seeds, 1,000 Rocket ‘Wildfire’ seeds and 200 Beetroot ‘Wodan’ seeds.