Zoya Goes Pretty Shea & Lavender butter – cold-pressed & organic – 60g


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Lavender is a true stress reliever, combined with pure Shea Butter it creates a body & mind reliever.  Contains: Cold-pressed Shea Butter carefully expressed from the nuts of the African shea tree, thriving in the tropical region of Ghana. Cold-pressed Jojoba Oil obtained from the seeds of jojoba plants, flourishing in the Pacific coastal area of Perú. Essential Lavender Oil is steam distilled from the purple flowers of small lavender bushes, blossoming in sunny Bulgarian summer. Pure Bulgarian Lavender Oil helps calm and soothe skin. Apply a small amount to the face and body. Suitable for every skin type. Bulgarian Lavender Oil has a balancing effect on the skin, while cold-pressed Shea Butter provides deep hydration. We mixed these two oils together with Jojoba Oil at a temperature below 40°С in order to create a rich and soft blend that is easily absorbed by the skin. Suitable for every skin type.