Zoya Goes Pretty Shea & Rose butter – cold-pressed & organic – 60g


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Pure Bulgarian Rose Oil not only gives a sweet aroma to this blend – it is a real skin elixir. The fragrant rose blossoms bloom around May. Only a few drops of pure Rose Oil are needed to feel its healing power. Melted gently in raw Shea Butter, it makes our favorite mixture, a balanced yet potent skin care. Contains: Cold-pressed Shea Butter carefully expressed from the nuts of the African shea tree, thriving in the tropical region of Ghana. Cold-pressed Jojoba Oil obtained from the seeds of jojoba plants, flourishing in the Pacific coastal area of Perú. Essential Rose Oil is steam distilled from hand-picked rose blossoms harvested in the Valley of Roses in the heart of Bulgaria. Bulgarian Rose Oil acts as a natural skin tonic, while cold-pressed Shea Butter provides deep hydration. We mixed these two oils together with Jojoba Oil at a temperature below 40°С in order to create a rich and soft blend that is easily absorbed by the skin. Suitable for combination, normal, dry, mature and sensitive skin.